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1000 Day Challenge

Do you want to improve? Are you willing to practice? How dedicated are you?

I have asked myself these questions many times, in a variety of disciplines. There has also been a fair amount of buzz surrounding the concept of “deliberate practice” over the past several years.

I starting thinking about practice and dedication recently and asked myself if I could do something every day for 1000 days. A thousand days feels like a long time. Not just months but years — that is quite a commitment.

After thinking about it, 1000 continuous days doesn’t seem possible. There could be days where I am traveling, sick, have an emergency, just need a break, etc. But how long would it take to hit 1000 days? Three years is exactly 1095 days1. Missing only 95 days over the course of the year seems possible but that would require a commitment larger than 9 out of 10 or 91.3% to be more precise. You could only miss two days out of an average 30 day month.

For a final twist can you accumulate 1000 minutes (16 hours, 20 minutes) over the course of a month?

I recently decided to take up this challenge. I want to increase my knowledge of Agile literature (mainly books) and thought this was a great way to go about it.

Over the next three years, I am going to spend at least 1000 days reading books focused on Agile for a total of at least 36,000 minutes (600 hours)!

I’ll let you know about my progress and impediments. Is there anything that you are willing to do for 600 hours over the next three years? If so, please send me an email at agiledotcom (at) gmail with the details.


1 Yes, three years could be 1096 days if you account for leap year, but let’s not confuse the issue.




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